Michael Atwal

Founder & Managing Director

Michael founded Promoveo Partners
in 2006.

After graduating in Engineering & Management Sciences a formative career followed in Technology (traversing telecom, then software & IT) in commercial corporate roles managing global relationships with multi national clients across Europe, the US and ASIA

Promoveo was derived from a Latin word to Imply movement and progression.

These characteristics come to define the ebb and flow of the Private Equity world which is the specialist niche of the Executive board and Leadership search focus of Promoveo Partners today.

Michael has built a tight , focused team from London (UK) with an increasingly global remit stretching from sourcing needs across Europe, the US – the biggest market focus, and ASIA Pacific including China/Japan.

Today Promoveo Partners works with a wide gamut of the global PE community from iconic global buyout investors, regional mid market investors and smaller thematic investors focusing on portfolio needs.

We source and place world class C Suite talent into different PE backed portfolio roles – our network is both deep and broad , International and largely referral led – often the best way to gauge the success and authenticity of exceptional leadership quality and ability.

By leveraging a high quality network the team has also become more involved in helping executive leaders align with like minded PE investors to partner up with significant financial backing to pursue a thesis around a carve out / buyout or roll up strategy.

The team behind Promoveo Partners uses a lateral, customised approach to board and leadership search which is markedly different to the conventional ‘cookie cutter’ model that search employs leading to faster, more effective outcomes and a higher market success rate.

Turnover of leadership in PE backed companies is becoming a pressure point , much like public company appointments, the model and techniques employed have to change, adapt and use more honed research and digital technology to identify superior operating Talent.

We also are advocates of greater board / leadership gender and ethnic diversity reflecting the reality of the world in which we live and operate.

Whether you are an Investor or a C Suite Operating leader connect with us today to determine how we can work together to achieve tangible value and success.

"A level above the “standard executive headhunter"

Michael Tobin OBE
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Maverick

"An introduction from Promoveo led to an Executive Partner role at a PE firm"

Mary T. McDowell
CEO, Polycom

"An incredible global network in, and knowledge of, the private equity world."

Arun Nayar
EVP and CFO (Retired), Tyco, Board member, Chair Audit Committee

"Well informed well connected, and positively persistent. I would recommend without reservation. "

Joan M. Lewis
Strategic Advisor, Former Executive P&G

"Wonderful professional 'bedside manner' which makes the often stressful process of executive recruitment somewhat less so."

Jonathan Gartner
Independent Investor and Advisor

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