Pre-deal due diligence

Pre-deal due diligence

A critical – and often understated- stage  in the Investment process is one before a deal is executed and a business becomes part of a Private Equity Investor’s portfolio.

Finding an Executive who will contribute significant value at the outset of the process can be crucial to the outcome and the foundation of a successful bid and a strategic relationship forming between the Executive and the Private Equity Firm.

We identify and appoint executives in this phase of a process who can provide high impact due diligence and broader insight to the Investor across other areas of their existing portfolio and future objectives.

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"A level above the “standard executive headhunter"

Michael Tobin OBE
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Maverick

"An introduction from Promoveo led to an Executive Partner role at a PE firm"

Mary T. McDowell
CEO, Polycom

"An incredible global network in, and knowledge of, the private equity world."

Arun Nayar
EVP and CFO (Retired), Tyco, Board member, Chair Audit Committee

"Well informed well connected, and positively persistent. I would recommend without reservation. "

Joan M. Lewis
Strategic Advisor, Former Executive P&G

"Wonderful professional 'bedside manner' which makes the often stressful process of executive recruitment somewhat less so."

Jonathan Gartner
Independent Investor and Advisor

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