The Executive Profile

The Executive Profile – The Who and Why?

The type of Operating Executive that Private Equity tend to be attracted to usually conforms to one of four profiles:

Chairman / CEO

  • Superb network; obvious gravitas
  • Often looking to leverage network, co-invest, add value in due diligence, take board roles.
  • Help navigate a deal over the line.

Executive Leader

  • Consistent track record of success
  • Career on upward path
  • Often seeking to move into first time CEO/Chairman role
  • Culturally attuned to working with PE. May have worked more recently in board / advisory and pre deal due diligence situations
  • Could be an Entrepreneur or have similar instincts to one
  • Usually higher risk v reward motivation than the serial Board Executive.

Domain Expert

  • Strong, world class, best in class functional experience and discipline (e.g. IT, Supply Chain; HR, etc.)
  • Deep Market segmentation expertise and insight
  • Thought leader, often with strong innovation attributes

‘The Entrepreneur’

  • CEO or Team of Executives with natural; entrepreneurial instincts
  • Superb market insight, know how and access
  • Looking at higher reward, accepting of higher risk
  • Demonstrable recent track record of impressive value creation
  • Idea driven and lateral thinking

"A level above the “standard executive headhunter"

Michael Tobin OBE
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Maverick

"An introduction from Promoveo led to an Executive Partner role at a PE firm"

Mary T. McDowell
CEO, Polycom

"An incredible global network in, and knowledge of, the private equity world."

Arun Nayar
EVP and CFO (Retired), Tyco, Board member, Chair Audit Committee

"Well informed well connected, and positively persistent. I would recommend without reservation. "

Joan M. Lewis
Strategic Advisor, Former Executive P&G

"Wonderful professional 'bedside manner' which makes the often stressful process of executive recruitment somewhat less so."

Jonathan Gartner
Independent Investor and Advisor

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